How it works

  • Choose the number of licenses you need
  • Tailored versions for the private, public and non-profit sectors
  • Swedish and English
  • Training to be implemented individually
  • About 2 hours to complete
  • Possibility to pause and continue on another occasion
  • Quiz to follow up on learning
  • Diploma after course completion

Our e-learnings are online. It is flexible and smooth since you don’t need to book a specific time to complete it, but instead you can go through it when you wish at your own pace. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. If you buy a package of licenses for a group of managers everyone can complete it at their pace and it is easy to get newly employed managers up to speed on DEI. If you buy licenses for the whole management team, you also get a certificate to highlight the achievement of your workplace.

The e-learning consists of videoclips, texts, illustrations, lists of recommendations, files to download and exercises. The training is built out of 18 parts, with a clear index that makes it easy to follow progress and pause when needed.

When you have completed this first course there will be a possibility ahead to buy in-depth add-ons on current themes lika inclusive recruitment, Active Measures and gender mainstreaming. These will be released soon and more will come!

In the short video below you can learn more about how it works and get a quick view of how it looks.

Why managers? Managers are important keys for workplaces in succeeding with DEI. Not only as rolemodels and bearers of social culture, but also according to law and their mandate to decide on the agenda and resource distribution. To secure basic knowledge among managers is therefore of great importance. With our e-learning you have the possibility to quality proof competence among managers in a smooth, engaging and cost effective way. It is good for people, good for business.

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