How to order

It is simple to get going with our e-learning. The price depends on how many licenses you purchase. Every licence is valid for three month from activation. Payment is done through invoice with 15 days as terms for payment.


Number of licensesPrice per license (excl. VAT)
1-91199 SEK
10-49799 SEK
50-99599 SEK
100+Send an email for offer

Questions? Please contact

Do you want to test the e-learning before you buy your licenses? It is possible! First, you buy an individual license at full price. Later, if you buy 9 or more licenses the price for the first license is subtracted from the total sum. Smooth right?

Do you want to make your managers feel right at home? Buy the add-on for organizations. The add-on includes some special features like a personalized startpage. You can also access statistics on a group level. The add-on costs 999 SEK/ month with at least 12 months of subscription.

Do you want to use your own LMS? Our courses are built as scorm-files. If your LMS is compatible with scorm we can help you out. Send us an email and we’ll guide you!

In the future you will be able to buy other in-depth training on themes lika inclusive recruitment, Active Measures and gender mainstreaming. We will soon release the first in-depths add-ons and will keep adding new ones continuously!